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Welcom to YOUNGNAM METAL CO.. LTD. Homepage.

4) We are pleased to introduce ourselves to your esteemed company on this occasion that during past period we have been engaged in part of specialized production of couplings for the piping connections,
which was followed the growth of shipbuilding industry in Korea under the developing policy of shipbuilding industries.

We have succeeded to supply our products widely from shipbuilders to the heavy plants as the result of superior quality of our products by continued self-development of the products and which leads us to enable to supply and export in overseas markets.

YOUNGNAM METAL CO.. LTD has many years of experience in manufacturing of pipe joint products such as Multi-flex type couplings, Grip ring type couplings, Repair Clamps and other pipe connectors.
Our technical capacity in this field has been highly appraised from many of the client and concerned parties not only the comprehensive application but also a lot of saving of the expenses. The coupling joints because of the their great flexibility and economy, are steadily replacing the fanged pipe joints nowadays from various industrial plant to the vessel.
These coupling joints are not only to eliminate the welding cost but also prevent any Linear expansion and deflection of the pilings by welding repairs.

So, In order to achieve the best reputation in this field of the piping consecrations we will render our best services to our clients and will continue our efforts to research and improve our products.

Thank you.

Best Regards
From All Staff and The Management